All within the space of around three hours..

Yes, it happened again.. Sad smile

This time, I cleaned out all of the fans and closed the covers..

And again it happened.. Sad smile

So this time I removed the filter between the case and the power supply..

And again it happened.. Sad smile

Getting a little bored with the computer by this time, I sat and thought about it, cursed Ultra (the makers of my power supply), and took a closer look. Rather than go out and buy a new PS, I tugged out the power cable and replaced it with one of my many spares.

Alarmingly, it seemed to fit better than its predecessor, and I have not had a kernel power instance. Could a duff power cable have been the cause all along? Only time will tell.

Moral of the above. When replacing a power supply, take the time to use the cable supplied with the new PS, and do not reuse the tatty cable that has probably powered a PC since the early DOS days..

I have also refitted the filter between case and PS while the bus was still in motion.. not a job for days when patience level is in ebb mode.. Smile