While I was looking into the kernel power error, I did some work on tidying the cables inside, essentially to free up a SATA power cable for the drive that will hold the Windows 8 beta.

I have a Seagate 160gb SATA drive which has been pushed through tests, and it has passed with flying colours. I am still toying with the idea of using it from the x-bay on the case, but I am a little worried on two counts. There is no cooling on the top of the case, no metal through which the drive can dissipate heat, and I also have roving grandchildren who may find the drive and add it to their toy store.

Installing it internally is no big deal other than the fact that I have to identify which cable goes to eSATA and unplug it from the board, and is certainly a cheaper option than buying a PCIe SATA card to get one more internal port. I don’t use eSATA anyway, so the port on top serves no purpose for me.

But you know how it is. Having EVERYTHING working on your computer is what it is all about and if the eSATA port is disconnected and even though I don’t use it anyway, I will know that it is not only not working,  that it will never work, and if I bought a SATA PCIe card, I would get yet one more useless eSATA port, but I would also get the extra internal port which means that everything would still be working, ready to work. Or would it? I have AHCI enabled, and the added card might mess with it, and then I would lose the ability to hot plug a drive into the x-bay..


Thank goodness I do not worry about stuff like that.. Sad smile