This is what the next release of Windows 8 is being called. Uh-oh.. does this mean that Windows 8 is pretty much already written in stone just as Windows 7 was at the ‘beta’ stage?

More than a few hardened beta testers were not happy to receive “we may include your suggestions in the next major release of Windows’. Some small glitches were passed over, presumably not seen as a reason why the OS could not be released. In some of these cases, the glitches were part of a new design, not bits that had been accidentally left out..

No doubt many of the old beta testers will return because they will not be able to cope knowing that there is a new OS of which they are not a part, but some will not return because they feel that their worth has gradually been eroded away.

For my part, it will be interesting to see how it all goes down, so I will be there. The release is coming at the end of February, one month to go..

Will Windows 8 have a proper desktop? We will have to wait and see.. Smile