A desktop case, that is..

I was just looking through the latest edition of CPU User, and I came across an advert for the perfect Windows 8 desktop case. Like Windows 8, it lacks some of the more traditional elements that we have come to expect.

What it has..

  1. Futuristic looks
  2. Easy access to the ‘internals’ (or are they externals)..

What it hasn’t got..

  1. No sides
  2. No top
  3. No base
  4. No provision for water-cooling
  5. No provision for case fans
  6. No provision for supporting the ports back-plate on the motherboard

.. but it does come in an exciting electric blue colour with touches of Canary yellow and matt finish greyish black (or maybe a blackish grey), what there is of it.

I can’t find a price for it, no reseller who has one, and I can’t extract a photo of the case because InWin have them locked down… sooooooooooo, take a look here..


If it was a red colour, it would look a little like a portable generator.

Will I be getting one any time soon? No.

Would I ever get one, even if I could find a price and reseller? No

Of course, there are some who would say that I am stuck with old concepts and don’t like change. Absolutely untrue of course because I recently upgraded my entire system. Yes, I will admit to buying a case with sides, top and base, but who wouldn’t?