Xirrus Wi-Fi Monitor update..

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I didn’t have much good to say about it in my last piece, and have even less to say that is good.

Last night, I put my computer into hibernation, but waking it was a real job this morning. The gadget was experiencing severe difficulties, and when a Windows 7/Vista gadget does this, it tends to affect the whole system. I had to reboot to get control back to me.

While the Xirrus Wi-Fi Inspector is a good tool, I can’t say the same about the gadget. I have had Inspector on the laptop for a while, but there was no point in installing the gadget, because the user of the laptop runs Facebook full screen and takes zero notice of anything running underneath.

I found out about the gadget and installed it on my PC, using a USB wireless adapter to give it life, but the monitor took more than it was willing to give back. It has gone..

No tears please.. Smile

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