I received an email yesterday from those nice people at PC Tools. I know that it was a good offer, maybe a reduced purchase price, because the email was headed thus:

‘Restore PC performance with Registry Mechanic 2012’

You can feel your pulse racing already, can’t you. I know I could.

So why did I have to refuse the offer? Quite simple really. It wouldn’t stay out of my Outlook junk folder long enough for me to click on any of the links. I dragged it into the inbox and before I could click on the inbox, it was back in the junk folder.

I have my junk filter set for just above ‘only people in my address book’. The junk filter is working well, and I say thanks to whoever updates it. All junk filters should be this good. Much of the crap which some are tempted to install would be wiped off the face of the IT world stage.