It is fast becoming common knowledge that Windows 8 lacks a Start Menu suitable for a desktop computer. I have seen suggestions which revolve around trying to emulate the classic menu style, but it saddens me to think that anybody considers them even close. Looks are only part of what the classic menu truly was.

That aside, there is a utility that has been around for quite  while now, adopted by Dell as the Dell Dock, part of their OEM software image. I believe that StarDock’s ObjectDock was first out of the gates, and since that time, RocketDock has appeared too.

I don’t personally like either of them, couldn’t see the point in having yet another application launcher installed on any computer. Of course, this relates to a time when Windows desktop operating systems had application launchers, but Windows 8 in desktop costume doesn’t. Maybe this is ObjectDock, and RocketDocks coming of age.

They both install on Windows 8, no compatibility issues that I could see. They only work on the desktop, and you will only need to go Metro to amass the programs onto the desktop taskbar in readiness to drag them onto your Dock of preference..


RocketDock: ..

Note: StarDock’s offering comes in two versions, free and not free. If you want all of the options, you have to pay. On the other hand, RocketDock and its add-ons are all free as far as I can make out.