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Windows 7 vs. Windows 8

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There will be a mini-deluge of comparisons in a bid to make Windows 8 look better, and the most popular topic will be speed. This is the boot time result from Adrian Kingsley-Hughes’ tests recently.. taken from here.. OK.. using Bootracer, just as AKH did, here are my results. First, Windows 8 This was… Continue reading

Free Skydrive upgrade..

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I was an early adopter, well maybe just an early subscriber, but this offer is too good to miss.. A free upgrade from the original 7gb storage to 25gb.. Also, get Skydrive for Windows here..  And you thought that I was too old to accept change? Pah..

So, what is ‘trending’ today?

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The ‘dock’ Yes, that nasty popup thing that gets in the way of everything. Even if you set it to ‘autohide’ it still pops up like a crazed gopher each time that you go near to it.. So how is this atrocity of coding better than an XP fully customizable Start Menu? There was… Continue reading

Windows 8 CP Sunday

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It’s back, resurrected from a DVD-RW after the slightly unfortunate removal while building a bootable Vista flash drive installation a while back. So far, I have just run the basic installation. After I have finished here, I will go back into it and set it up a little better. I still don’t like it and… Continue reading