The number of days that Windows XP has left before support dries up completely..

If you are still using it and intend to use it right up to the bitter end, you are going to have one tough time getting used to whatever OS is current  at the time. It is difficult enough for many Windows 7 users to stomach the changes coming in Windows 8.

If the XP diehards don’t change soon, they may be totally without a Microsoft desktop operating system after 8 April 2014. Windows 7 could be the last desktop operating system ever to come out of Redmond.

The desktop interface scene is not much better on the ‘other’ sides. Some Linux users are shunning Ubuntu because of its choice, and saying that Linux Mint is the better way to go. Who knows what Apple will do without Steve Jobs?

Anyway, whatever happens, XP support finishes in 730 days. If you want a countdown timer which works in Vista or Windows 7, Microsoft does a nice one, but for XP there is virtually nothing, except maybe for this one..