It’s back, resurrected from a DVD-RW after the slightly unfortunate removal while building a bootable Vista flash drive installation a while back. So far, I have just run the basic installation. After I have finished here, I will go back into it and set it up a little better. I still don’t like it and will not be forced or coerced into liking it either.

Having said that, I feel that I should have it installed somewhere.

I don’t dual boot or VM (apart from XP Mode), preferring to run a separate installation to which I can switch by selecting an alternative boot device. It is nothing against Windows 8 that I do it this. I just don’t like to create complications. When I accidentally removed Windows 8, it had absolutely no adverse effect on anything else, no multi-boot files to edit, etc.. 

As usual, to install any OS on my production machine involves reverting from AHCI to IDE mode, a touch annoying because forgetting to do this results in staring at a machine that will do NOTHING. If you are wondering why I bother with AHCI bearing in mind that I do not run the complexities of RAID, it is because I have an X-Port built into the case which is useful for virus checking client hard drives before letting them boot up in the wild.

One thing I don’t understand is why two of the disks have decided to take each others disk # in Disk Management. It makes no difference operationally and thankfully, the Windows 8 disk is still Disk #1 ‘ere I should create another bootable flash drive without first checking the numbers of the drives..