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Cisco DPC3825.. an update..

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Wireless connection integrity via the D-Link G132 USB adapter has been really good but the connection strength was not good at all, fluctuating between 50 and 66%. I have enabled the internal Realtek 8191SE adapter again, updating to the latest drivers from Realtek from their own website, and connection strength is back to 100%. I… Continue reading

A new connection..

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I have traded in my old Scientific Atlanta DPC2100 cable modem.  Rogers have a new modem which will allow for a nominal 18mb download on their cable networks, and my old modem  can’t do that apparently. although I have seen it reach that level on a good day. It will also have wireless capability. Trouble… Continue reading


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There is a Quick launch toolbar on Windows 8 but keep it quiet in case MS take it out as they did the hack to dump the Metro-o-o-o interface. Between this and Vi-Start or Start-X, Windows 8 might approach being a desktop OS after all. Vi-Start and Start-X both need more development, but even now… Continue reading