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Upgrading to Windows 8..

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To save me plagiarising, I will give you the link to Mary Jo Foley’s article.. There.. that was quick.. Techspot have a great little table which may be easier for you..… As usual, cross platforms and languages require a clean install. Personally, I favour the clean install anyway and always have. One thing… Continue reading

Life after tablets..

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This is the future apparently, but not for ever.. a convertible tablet.. In time, the above will become one of these.. and finally.. Hey, wait just one second! I have one of these already!. See how advanced I am? For the news article which spawned this blog post, see here  Some interesting comments too,… Continue reading

Windows 8.. Who will want it?

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Paul Thurrott doesn’t think that business users will.. And he suspects that Microsoft know this already. You can read his reasoning in the link above. My older clients mainly use XP, and because the majority are linked to Rogers Cable, the default homepage is Rogers Yahoo. This is where they get news, email, access… Continue reading