The photo shows a Vantec Iceberg CCB-A1A.. Officially, it is a heatsink/fan assembly for VGA or mobo chipsets. If what you see is a bottle cap fitted with a small capacity fan, 3.5 cfm, you would be nearer the mark.

vantec icebergI removed the heatsink and broken fan from my nVidia N6600 video card and replaced it with what you see. Speedfan 4.46 reported a temperature of 74°C – at REST.

Studying the assembly, I got to thinking that if I could remove the fan from the bottle cap, it may just fit inside the original heatsink. Removing the two screws on top reveals a fan in it’s own cradle, very easy to remove.

Having removed the broken fan from the original heatsink, I pressed the housing lightly into it, and then fixed the fan and red top down with slightly larger screws than were in use on the bottle cap.

The result? Speedfan reported a temperature of 62°C 57°C at rest. The only downside is that the fan has only two wires and will not report rotational speed.

The fan plus cradle requires a 50mm diameter space to accommodate it, and fins on the original heatsink wide enough spaced to accept small self tapping screws.

The ‘bottle cap’ can be recycled along with your pop cans and aluminium foil food containers.

Reviews on the TigerDirect website for the above product were good, but I suspect that they were all written because the people assumed that a rotating fan is an unmitigated success. Strangely, reviews for the copper version were not so good, and one of the reviewers had done exactly as I have and with similar acceptable results.

Note that I would have been in the dark too, had it not been for Speedfan showing me what was really happening. I have been a fan of Speedfan ever since it first appeared, considering it to be an invaluable utility which I install on ALL computers which come through my hands.