I was going to write about this yesterday, but the Euro reason for having to drop the name was not clear, so I deleted what I had written.

My first thought was a clash with the Paris Metro. This is a stylish rapid transit underground system in Paris, but ‘stylish’ is not exactly a strongpoint of Microsoft’s Metro rapid access front end.

Then I thought of the Austin Metro, a British car designed for rapid access around a city, not 100% reliable and prone to falling apart, so more than enough in common with Windows.

I would never have considered Metro AG.. see here.. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/METRO_AG . There is absolutely nothing in common. I could understand it more if the latest Windows was called Windows Metro, but it isn’t. Metro is one part of Windows 8, albeit the most famous part.

Anyway, the look stays but the name has to go. For now, it is the Windows 8 UI, and I will do my best to not mention the ‘M’ word again. So, no more using the word as a verb, as in ‘been metroed’, changed out of all reasonable recognition. We are now back to being ‘8 balled’