I dip into the Microsoft Community Windows 8 forum and what do I see? Fail, fail, fail.

This morning, an OP is asking if an XP machine he bought from hiss company will be a good candidate for Windows 8..

Take a look here, the OP is advised..


Oh yes, he replies back that his PC exceeds those specs. Good to go, yes?

The MS minimum specs haven’t changed since computers users were upgrading from Windows 98 to XP!!

The processor..

A good link, this one, and just the kind that is going to appeal to the family man who bought his OEM PC from one of the major stores..



For keeping Windows 32-bit alive, 1gb is cutting it very fine, especially after the integrated video element has taken it’s cut. So start up your browser and get two or three websites up, have Skype running in the background plus whatever else you do over the course of a day, and 1gb gets very tiresome indeed. The same applies to the 64-bit 2gb minimum.

To do anything meaningful, there should be at least 4gb in the machine. OEM Windows 7 machines usually had 4gb installed from new, either bit version, but Vista and XP machines didn’t. Common memory in those days was 1gb > 2gb for Vista (and it ran like a dog) and 512m > 1gb for XP where it was best to run with the Windows 2000 classic look if you wanted to maintain anything like acceptable performance.

Disk Space..

Windows XP took up around 5gb of disk space. Since then, Windows operating systems have grown to more than twice that size.

I have Windows 8, MS Office professional 2010, FrontPage 2003, Power2Go 7, and a few small utilities installed, and the disk space being used is 47gb.. Yes, that is 47gb !!

There is a page file, space for restore points, etc. Then one has to have space for anything else which may be added. Some Windows 8 apps require that their data is stored on C..

Please somebody explain to me how a working installation of Windows 8, plus what computer users add over time, is going to work in 20gb.


My integrated HD4250 is running on WDDM.  I have an old-ish game called Zuma which ran great on the Windows 7 drivers. It is next to unplayable in Windows 8 because the WDDM driver is not up to the job.

Drivers are SO important to the overall performance of any machine. With less than adequate video drivers, it doesn’t matter what is on the motherboard. Performance is going to show as BAD..

So why am I avoiding the Windows 8 forums so much?

Trying to explain to a user that the host machine is not good enough despite ‘official’ specification claims doesn’t go down well with the OP. Trying to explain that basic drivers are not going to perform well enough despite ‘official’ claims that Windows 8 speeds up a computer which was originally delivered with XP doesn’t go down too well.

Yes, I have been here before, but nothing changes. I don’t go into forums to tow the party line. I go there to help computer users get the best from their experience, and telling them that they should revert back to the original operating system is not a good start after they have paid good money for a dream which rapidly turns into a nightmare..

The answer?

Quit kidding people. Rewrite some of the support pages and be realistic. Give computer users a fighting chance of success.