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In the news..

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iPad mini sales are cutting into iPad sales are cutting into iMac sales. And this is a surprise? Hardly.. Of course, it does throw a spanner into the works for other manufacturers in as much as there has been a rush to bring out largish tablets. Apple are proving that smaller is what consumers really… Continue reading

ATI drivers for the HD 4000,3000, 2000

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There is a new driver, dated 20/1/2013, on the ATI driver support page.. I wish that I had a snapshot of the driver page when Windows 8 appeared. It was obvious that somebody had made the decision NOT to support the HD’s below the 5000 models, but now there is a statement as to… Continue reading

Windows 8 training..

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For the home user or small business, there is essentially no training. The screens while installing show basic mouse movements which do not work too well in practice. In order to set up applications like accounting stuff or even MS Office, access via the desktop is imperative and in this respect, the Windows 8 default… Continue reading

Speedfan and Windows 8..

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If you didn’t already know, SpeedFan 4.47 doesn’t like Windows 8, but there is a fix. It is called SpeedFan 4.48 beta6 and to get it, you have to sign up.. SpeedFan is a very useful utility for desktop PCs and I do recommend using it. This is what it can do for you..… Continue reading

Stuff not working?

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Apps.. . It could be that your preferred anti-virus solution is the culprit. Posters in the MS Community forums are reporting that some anti-virus solutions are having adverse effects. It could well be my problem too, but if I never saw another app on this PC, it would be too soon. Apparently, turning off UAC… Continue reading


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I saw reference to an article in Scientific American where there was talk of Gorilla Arm. Did this refer to the muscle control needed to keep one’s arm extended or the reach? I sit a comfortable 36” away from a a 19” widescreen monitor. I have space on the desk to put things down, the… Continue reading