.. and in six days time, I turn.. ….. Let’s forget about that.

Last year, I learned that..

  1. my desktop machine doesn’t like to hibernate. It is either flat out to the finish or snooze.
  2. the  Windows 8 Modern UI has quite serious reliability issues.
  3. Toshiba Netbook colours for the multi-lingual keys are almost impossible to see in anything other than fairly strong direct lighting.
  4. a five year old can initialise the Windows 7 onscreen keyboard to appear at start-up and after login in such a way that one has to use a System Image or manufacturer recovery disk in order to get sanity back.
  5. an OS upgrade on anything other than a totally ‘clean’ host does not produce the best results and, in some cases, no positive results at all.

Last year, I failed to learn what causes my PC to just shutdown at random intervals, having tried all of the fixes I could find.

What will I learn this year? Hopefully what causes this computer to shut down at random intervals.

Something I have just learned is that I continue to be a Microsoft MVP, ninth year, and so I will nip off to the MVP Award site and do my stuff..

Cya.. Smile