OK, so Windows 8 is essentially a ‘touch’ operating system, at least that is how it is marketed.

I have yet to come across ANY laptop computer sporting Windows 8 AND touch in ANY of the computer stores in my locality. The two may feature on desktops as a pair, but who wants to keep leaning forwards to something which can be so easily accessed by the two bits of hardware expressly made for the job?

Not a good start for any OS, and Vista suffered a similar fate because hardware device manufacturers weren’t exactly rushing to support it.

Looking at the Windows 8 forum, I see many trying to  install Windows 8 on incompatible hardware and systems which clearly will not benefit from having a touch OS installed. But wait!! Wasn’t there some hype about Windows 8 making an old XP or Vista computer faster? What really amazes me about this is that professionals are recommending it, that and the stupid minimum requirements..

Many are seeing the Modern UI collapse, unable to re-install apps that have failed, unable to install anything new because Windows Store has crapped out.. Mine has. Recourse? Hardly any unless the users were smart enough to install a 3rd party Start Menu which Microsoft could have provided oh so easily.

It is little wonder that many want to see the back of it and want their money back. The concept was maybe too much too soon. The hardware execution is too little too late. Windows 8 is getting a bad rap, just as Vista did. It will take time to recover, and it may not recover well.

One can only hope that Microsoft is not living in denial as the company has appeared to be doing of late, and that the guiding lights within Microsoft will pick a more suitable path for Windows 9.

In the meantime, I try to get users to stay with Windows 8 by using 3rd party start menus because the desktop side is reliable and works, and also because it is a lot easier than returning to Windows 7