.. and it all goes wrong.

I found a chipset driver on the Gigabyte website for my mobo, a GA880g, and thought that it may be a good plan to install it and maybe get beyond the involuntary shutdown issue.

Ha.. first sign that it may all go wrong. The ‘America’ download server could only give me a corrupt file which would not extract. The ‘Europe’ server was ok, so down it came.

An extraction later and the chipset drivers were installing.. time approx 9:30 pm. It asked to reboot and it did not boot properly into Windows 8 again until 9 am this morning.

All I had was a silly blue window and dots chasing themselves. No errors, no diagnostic, no NOTHING.

I ran a CHKDSK on both drives, the boot drive last night and the slave this morning, and finally I got it to boot.

First job, roll back the chipset drivers for the SATA part.

Second job, move what I need most into a folder on another partition.

Third job, print out key codes for Windows, Office and anything else vital to what I do, and store it in a safe place.

Two things came out of it.

  1. I gave the inside of the case a good clean and resorted cables
  2. It hasn’t shutdown without warning since

So is it fixed? Who knows. It has tricked me into thinking that it was ok before. I am ready to fill out a Gigabyte RMA form to get the mobo exchanged under warranty if it shuts down again. There are two months left of the warranty, so I do have a bit of time..