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The Great Wait..

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Two great waits actually.. Wait #1. My old case arrived ‘home’ at !0:45, Monday, 18 March. It now has to be checked out by Coolermaster technicians, and in time I will get an email telling me that something is being sent back to me. Due process is probably the worst phrase in the world to… Continue reading

Netbook powered..

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This is my first Netbook powered blog post ever. The core of this system is presently a Toshiba Mini, my production PC internals being scattered around two desks. For now, they are homeless as my original Coolermaster CM 690 II case makes its way back to its maker. The UPS tracker tells me that the… Continue reading

Simple and usable..

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It’s the title of a book written by Giles Colborne, who has been designing interactive user experiences since the early 1990s. When he’s not doing that he he’s busy with cxpartners, a design consultancy based in Bristol and London that specialises in web and mobile user interface design for companies such as Marriott, Nokia and… Continue reading

Browser wars..

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Microsoft is in trouble again for not promoting other browsers over its own in EU versions of Windows 7 SP1. As you can plainly see from the graph, Internet Explorer is streets ahead of all of the competition and rising. Well, it would be if the green line was Microsoft’s in house browser. It looks… Continue reading