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Surface RT..

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I’ll start off by saying that the number of apps available for Windows 8 in general does NOT reflect usefulness any more than applications for Linux distros does. There is a huge amount of junk in the lists, much of it accessible via a browser which is just ONE app. RT has an issue all… Continue reading

The iPad did it?

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( ) I know of a few people who only own a computer because they need to have access to email. This is especially true of older people whose family may have spread far enough away from the family home that email is the best way to keep in contact. If not email, video… Continue reading

I find this quite funny..

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Android, apart from its other achievements, has done what consumer Linux distros couldn’t. It has attracted malware, which means that it is popular and hackers can see that. Ubuntu users must be gutted. The claim was always that Linux is hacker proof, but the truth is that hackers didn’t care, not enough targets or capacity… Continue reading

What a useful website..

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This is it. Google maps presents.. “Road construction in London Ontario”.. Now this is the kind of info useful on a smartphone, and so set about getting it there. I sent the link by email, opened it and saved it as a favourite. All went well. Was it useful? Well, it could have been… Continue reading

A new cable modem/router..

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Yesterday, I picked up Rogers latest cable modem. It is a Hitron CGN2-ROG which basically means that Rogers have messed with it, not included the full instructions for the unit such that you do not know what you are missing. Clues to the Rogers customisation: The Rogers Logo Rogers Corporate colours showing through It can… Continue reading