Somewhere in this article ( is this statement.

I don’t miss the start button and when I’ve occasionally visited the desktop it has seemed to me desolate and windswept, not a reassuring return home.

What does it mean? Note the careful use of the word ‘button’ because that is how Microsoft want us to see it, just a button. When you boot up a traditional desktop, clicking on the Start menu is like opening the front door. The Metro interface looks like the your landlord or the bailiff has turfed all of your gaudy stuff out onto the front yard.

This is my background. They don’t come more desolate and windswept than this.I would be mortified if I had to look at this all day, but who does that? This is why we have games and applications and utilities which we can use to screw up the background

I actually have a few icons down the left side, two of which are folders  I use to hold temporary stuff to be sorted one way or another. Three others are for utilities which either don’t reliably start with Windows as they should or where I have a bad habit of accidentally closing them down.

Solid black is a far better background on which to see ANYTHING. It neither distracts or detracts.

Why would I want a full screen start menu when I have no intention of staying affixed to it. Is this what tablet and smartphone users do? How simple a mind does one have to have such that gawping at a start screen is the high spot of the day?

Most home users I go to visit have a photo of their kids, or maybe a car or whatever. Tell them that the family photo looks desolate and windswept. If anything is, it is the dull coloured Windows 8 sliding block puzzle interface..

I have never heard so much BS about desktops as there is around now. Keep talking yourself into using a tiny piece of not very practical hardware, but don’t spoil it for those of us who own a PC, not an ‘in vogue’ trinket.

On the main topic of the quoted website content, of course the Surface Pro and RT are better for business. And if they had larger keyboards and screens, they might even make it in the world of the desktop or decent sized laptop.

To finish on a scary fact.: I took my grand-daughter to the Apple store again, and I have NEVER seen it so busy..

Even scarier fact. An older guy took his dell desktop machine in to get the data transferred to a MacBook he had just bought. Keep wondering why he didn’t buy a Windows laptop, make as many excuses as you can, but the real reason is ………………………………… (Fill in over the dots).

Sad smile