It took a little over an hour to complete and now I feel distinctly alone. While upgrading, I made choices that the average user is going to make and already I am regretting some of them.

  1. Express settings.. Was it this choice that forced me into having to sign on with my Microsoft account? Probably, but I didn’t want to use that account.
  2. I also accepted using SkyDrive as the default save location, and I haven’t found out how to reverse the choice yet.
  3. The Homegroup was blitzed.
  4. Password history for a variety of websites has been wiped

But, Start 8 still works.. Smile

Not too sure about the crashes after hibernation. They might still happen. I will know more tomorrow on that subject. The critical updates are being processed as I type, and everything else appears to be working. I may at some point in the near future do a clean install and avoid using my Microsoft account..

Anyway, no big claims yet as it is is still early days, and now time to reboot after the updates..