My old production machine, still very much in use by my grand-daughter, has been running an aging MSI nVidia N6600 graphics card. All was well until recently when it decided to feed a signal to the monitor most of the time but not all of the time. The fix was simple enough, pulling the power out of the back of the monitor and then reconnecting, but for a five year old wanting to watch ‘My Little Pony’ clips on YouTube, it was a nerve jangling experience.

I assumed that it was the monitor for a while, but recently came across a disused nVidia 8500GT card which I duly fitted to the computer. Guess what? No more problems with the video to monitor dying anymore. Unlike the N6600, the 8500GT gets full support for Windows 7, graphics response has improved, and there are no more blank screens.

The grand is a happy girl once more and I have an aging N6600 which needs to be thrown out (recycled).