This is the first time that I have seen the associated blue screen, and only recently since I have been able to make out what the blue screen has wanted to tell me.

Gone is all of the harshness and lines of text which don’t stay around long enough to make reading a possibility. Windows 8.1 puts up very clear blue screens, a nicer blue, clearer font, the minimum of blurb and a line which informs the user of the problem.

DPC Watchdog Violations are a ‘bring the machine to an abrupt end and start over’ type of blue screen, and are in response to bad wireless adapter drivers acting badly.

My question is this:

Why, after having tried a USB wireless adapter for compatibility over a month ago, and doing nothing that I haven’t been doing daily over the same period, did Windows 8.1 decide that enough was enough yesterday?

I will probably never know but the fix was easy enough.

Go to Control Panel > Device Manager > View > Show hidden devices > Look for ‘greyed’ out driver references in the Network section > right click on the offending entry > Uninstall.

Now, you don’t want to get too uninstall happy because greyed out entries may relate to hardware which is not presently connected, flash drives or USB headsets for example.