Today, I got a call from a client of mine who recently bought a Windows 8 infested Lenovo laptop. I use the term ‘infested’ because it is what I would say if a new laptop failed like this one did.

The client uses it for ISP home page based mail, and a small amount of surfing on a criminally slow connection that should have been automatically upgraded by her ISP when the Ultra-Lite packaged was dropped..

The good news..

Fortunately, F8 at power up took me to repair options, and System restore to 8 days ago got it working again after an automatic start-up repair abjectly failed.

A visit to the Windows Store invoked another fail, and I had to run wsreset.exe from the search box, after which Windows Store agreed to downloade the 8.1 upgrade.

Next, I get the’ secure boot is not enabled’ on the desktop screen and get the fix from here..

Next, I uninstall Classic Shell and re-install Classic Shell 4.0.2 from here

Finally, I have a working Windows 8 Lenovo laptop which is in a fit state to be returned to the client