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The last seven days – still no easier overall..

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Five Windows 7 machines all updated and no problems encountered.. One Windows 8.1 machine updated and no problems encountered. My Windows 8.1 machine did suffer one critical error when the power failed in the building. It happens and was not the fault of the system. General advice given to somebody putting together a PowerPoint presentation… Continue reading

Ultimate Windows Tweaker 3

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Good news for Windows users who like to tweak. The latest UWT, now at version 3, supports Windows 8 and 8.1.. “Ultimate Windows Tweaker 3.0 for Windows 8 has been released and is now available for download. While Windows 7 & Windows Vista users should continue to use Ultimate Windows Tweaker 2.2, Windows 8 and… Continue reading

Where to start..

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It’s 2014 and still NOT a good idea to: Never backup anything. If your data is important, treat it as important… Run a registry cleaner, and no, it doesn’t make anything any faster.. Leave a laptop running on soft furnishings. The grilles on the base are to let air in, not gain better traction on… Continue reading