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Coming and going..

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Coming.. Windows 8.1.1 has yet to appear, next months ‘Patch Tuesday’ is earmarked, and it will bring more improvements for desktop users and slim some things down for lower power tablets, all more than welcome for a wide range of users. Also rumoured are some Metro apps ported to the desktop side, The traditional MS… Continue reading

LAN messengers..

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It is useful to be able to send messages over a local area network. I do it quite often when I am working across all of the machines on the home network here. I started off with: ‘Stickies’ from Zhorn Software in the UK. It is basically a ‘stickies’ utility but it has network capability… Continue reading

A mixed week..

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Success.. The computer is up and running again.. Event Viewer shows no critical errors in the last 7 days, and the number of regular errors is diminishing quickly.. Everything important is working, peripheral devices included.. Work in progress Setting up my other blogs in Windows Live Writer Installation of Mesnews and the setting up of… Continue reading

The new boss..

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Satya Nadella is the new CEO of the Microsoft empire and I must admit to not knowing him, his existence even, but then I don’t pore over Microsoft staff lists and management structure. All I care is that Microsoft produce a product that I can use personally and have enough faith in the product to… Continue reading

Calling 8.1.1

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Any similarity between North America’s emergency call number is purely co-incidental, but it is an emergency number in the sense that Microsoft are trying to appease disgruntled desktop users. The new version sets a start button which diverts to the Windows 8 desktop as the default view, and two icons appear in the top right… Continue reading