Apple’s Carplay.. .. .. unless, of course, you live in a country, province, state etc. which regards use of this kind of device as DISTRACTED DRIVING.

In Ontario Canada, OPP claim that distracted driving is the new #1 killer on the roads, surpassing speeding and DUI offences. Penalties are getting tougher and so they should, and the devices which distract are increasing in number. Carplay will become one of them in time.

Carplay is a great device and it looks good but should these devices be allowed? I don’t think so. The rules about ‘hands free’ in vehicles are quite clear, but the rules are flouted daily. I probably pass at least three people per day who think that they can split concentration between a phone or GPS device and driving in city or highway traffic.

If devices could be installed such that changes could only be made while the vehicle key is in the ‘accessory’ position, i.e. engine OFF, I would change my stance on these things, but that isn’t going to happen. You know it and I know it..

It’s not about the technology or the cash generated by the sales. Manufacturers and the service providers will undoubtedly do well, but I am thinking about the victims of this technology, and make no mistake, there WILL be victims.. maybe somebody you know, maybe somebody you know really very well. maybe somebody you don’t ever want to lose..

Say NO to this kind of technology before it is too late.. .