There is a new tablet on the scene, the Galaxy Note Pro 12.2. It’s a great machine until one wants to do real work, and is not alone.

A similar view from here too..

Have you ever tried to do real work using the Windows on-screen keyboard? Not easy, is it, quite the exercise in frustration actually. You would think that touch would be the ideal answer, but it isn’t in practice. Working a touch screen keyboard is even worse because the keys are even smaller. For hands like mine, they are a waste of time.

The tablet mentioned in the articles is getting closer to the concept of a laptop, and the Microsoft surface is already there. If you want to do real work, you need a proper keyboard, real work being writing a book maybe, doing home accounts or working a Genealogy program. You could be forgiven for thinking that maybe the tablet should have predated laptops, and maybe they would have if the technology to produce them had been available.

I have grave misgivings about the direction in which computing is going. We are being coerced into buying Post-PC machines which can’t match the ease of use of their predecessors and never will. My Toshiba NB250 may be low powered but at least I can use it, even to work on and update my website if necessary. The screen on it is too small but typing accuracy is no worse than any laptop, regardless of size, price and power.

Can voice command save tablets? Lets give voice a try..

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Nope, that didn’t work either. Maybe its because I am a touch nasal presently. Nope, I don’t have the voice that works for voice commands, and I am reminded of this every time I have to negotiate a business which insists on me answering a voice activated menu system. Voice stuff has been around for years and it still hasn’t made the grade.

If the general scene continues to go the way of touch and voice, I will be finished with computers by 2020 and will not be the only one. In the meantime, manufacturers will have had a ball selling useless junk, executive toys. My saviour is going to be gaming desktops, a genre which still does well, unless of course people wake up and see where technology is heading.

The sign says ‘box canyon’ underneath all of the glitz and fun stuff. Every time I read a new review, I keep seeing the same picture. No apologies for repeating myself for as long as the marketing of touch and voice stuff keeps on repeating..

Sad smile