After the update was inadvertently introduced to Windows Update, some astute people grabbed it fast before the mistake was realised..

And the news is.. There are probably still too many tiles in Windows 8.1.1 for the greater majority, one tile being ‘a tile too far’ for some.. Smile

The good news is that Microsoft did exactly as i suggested months ago, and the new Windows will have a taskbar in the Metro UI and some of the controls that made the original Start menu such a winner. Example: A ‘power’ icon will be available without having to fish for charms and then gut the charm menu to get to ‘shutdown’.

The bad news is that Microsoft are still shying away from re-introducing the classic Start menu, well, bad news for those of us who are allergic to tiles. I say that, but I am pleased in some ways because Start8 has served me well, and I didn’t want to dump Stardock’s gem especially as I paid a whopping $4.99 for it.

Ed Bott has written up a preview which you can get to by clicking on the link..

The article has some nice screen shots and the usual mix of pro and anti MS responses from people who feel the need to gripe.There is more in the release, so you should read the article in full.

As usual, you will have to eventually update to 8.1.1 because Microsoft will drop support for Windows time..

That’s it..