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In the news again..

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See here.. Is the world ready for the Surface Pro 3? Yes, maybe if the price was half what it is and it was smaller or larger. Small tablets, Kindles et al are a nice easy to carry size, and they are CHEAP. The Surface Pro is not so pocketable, getting towards easily usable… Continue reading In the news again..

Anti-virus solutions..

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A Symantec big-wig recently stated that the anti-virus solution is ‘doomed to failure’. It’s good that somebody within Symantec has some product knowledge, but with respect to Symantec, their woes are self-inflicted. They took what was originally a nice neat utility and systematically turned it into a monstrous piece of invasive software which did everything… Continue reading Anti-virus solutions..

How to make a hat..

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.. that will protect you from Microsoft, the evil empire which made use of the computer easy for all. See here.. .. and this is one of the reasons why you should construct a hat at your earliest convenience.. If you are not a technical person, there is an easy video tutorial here..… Continue reading How to make a hat..