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Firefox again..

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Due to a Java update recently, I am unable to view ‘Live Timing’ on the Official F1 website. I tried uninstalling Java and putting it back, and it works just ONE time, then Windows 8, without any notification, inserts the last update and POOF, it stops working again. Why is it important for me to… Continue reading

Internet Explorer woes

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After having run Internet Explorer 11 successfully on a Toshiba NB250, a Lenovo G780 and an AMD 939 machine all running Windows 7, only two are still ok. The replacement for the AMD 939, an HP Pavilion M9500Y, freshly installed with Windows 7 Ultimate, will run it but very poorly. At first launch, IE 11… Continue reading

Contagion in the cables..

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Of the last three computer to come by me, only one was salvageable without resorting to total recovery. The two laptops became nightmares as work progressed. It was easy enough to get rid of the bad stuff and the popups, but trying to repair the corruption in the operating system proved to be ultimately impossible.… Continue reading