Not genuine after a clone..

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I know that the above happens because I have seen it many times in the MS forums and newsgroups over the years.

I always tell computer users not to take it as an affront that they are asked to activate the OS again, that it just happens occasionally.

So, I woke up early today, noticed that the machine was still active, and pressed the spacebar to get the display to turn on..

NOT GENUINE!!!!! It’s 03:10 and you are telling me that it is NOT GENUINE?

Yes, I took affront, and because it was early, my capacity to be rational was not at its peak. Automated phone services are the bane of my life, in fact ALL phone services are.. I struggle to enter numbers on a screen I can hardly see, and if I use the voice activation facilities, my voice which is the equivalent of an 89th piano key at the left hand end is getting more gravelly by the year, does not serve me well.

On the third attempt, and getting close to my patience limits for the early hours, I finally managed to get it sorted, and the machine no longer tells me that it has an expired OS in place.

It’s now 05:00, I have had a cup of coffee and something to eat, and the world is looking decidedly more friendly..

Have a great day, y’all.. Smile

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  1. Take Affront! I certainly took affront when it happened to me. I’d run a machine with XP for 6 years and, 3 days before Microsoft were finishing support, I got that notice. Marketing ploy or what.

    • I seriously doubt that it was a marketing ploy, and I am assuming that you were able to re-activate it for further use. Like all other Windows functions, it can be upset and produce an error, and has been doing so since the inception of WGA.. :-)

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