Build 10061..

Published on: Author: Mike Hall

It’s ok. I guess that I should write a little more, eh. Smile

Bearing in mind that the test machine, my NB250, is not used for much at all, the general interface is ok, and I don’t mind the ‘Metro’ tiles. BUT..

The notification area:

It needs something to remind the user that it is updating the operating system because the system becomes tragically slow while updating with no obvious reason until a reboot is instituted.

Project Spartan:

Where is the ‘Homepage’ button?

The start menu:

Ok for general surfing, email etc, but completely useless if the machine is used as the central command for a home network full of users, or for technical work. I am trialling Stardock’s Start10 presently. This is the start menu that I shall use on my main production machine, but for the NB250, the Windows 10 default menu will be fine.

Classic applications:

No WordPad? Are you kidding me? A fast-to-open, useful word editor that can display HTML and it is nowhere to be seen? Not good, guys, not good..