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Email clients for Windows 10..

Published on: Author: Mike Hall

There are webpages which proclaim best this and best that and this one deals with email clients.  There is no ‘best’. It is all down to whatever suits you. I grew up on Windows Outlook Express, am used to the setup, general feel etc, and am not dumb enough to dislike Microsoft and have… Continue reading Email clients for Windows 10..

Scratch GWX..

Published on: Author: Mike Hall

and it still doesn’t go away. I give in. I’ll upgrade to Windows 10 Really, I promise to do it as soon as possible. I like Windows 10 and have promised. What else can I do to stop GWX appearing in the N.A.? Nothing simple works and it is beginning to annoy,, truly,,

MSCONFIG – How many processors..

Published on: Author: Mike Hall

A wrong assumption: For a while now, I have been making a wrong assumption about the ‘number of processors’ setting in MSCONFIG. I honestly believed that it was a throwback or compatibility issue with multi-socket motherboards which used to be more freely available than they are now. In the old days before multi-core CPUs, not… Continue reading MSCONFIG – How many processors..