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Hardware issues..

Published on: Author: Mike Hall

My Microsoft Wireless Mouse 5000 has finally been pensioned off. Yesterday, the scroll function, very important when using a 19” widescreen when surfing, totally gave up the ghost. The rechargeable batteries are getting a recharge and the mouse is sitting very disconsolately on the edge of the desk. The mouse was the star of this… Continue reading Hardware issues..

In the last few days..

Published on: Author: Mike Hall

The last round of updates went well for me and the machines over which I have direct control, so nothing to report. No video? This is the machine.. The HP M9500Y lost contact with video output and USB while rebooting after updating, but I don’t think that it had anything to do with the… Continue reading In the last few days..

This week @ TCG..

Published on: Author: Mike Hall

My production machine.. Apart from the normal ‘hibernate’ errors (two only), the other error was down to connecting external drives which were corrupted. Essentially, this means that I don’t have problems with my aging production machine. I don’t intend to change anything, although I may treat myself to a better video card at some point,… Continue reading This week @ TCG..