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Updates – the latest round..

Published on: Author: Mike Hall

OK. The latest round of updates should have run smoothly for you as long as you haven’t messed with the system or used utilities like registry cleaners which do. My production Windows 8.1 machine plus three Windows 7 machines updated and all is well some 24 hours later.. BUT, anybody running the Windows 10 Technical… Continue reading Updates – the latest round..

Just when you think it is safe..

Published on: Author: Mike Hall

Azure fails.. Oops. So this is why I couldn’t get to some websites. It is just one more sign pointing to the fragility of new ways. Nothing is ever 100% reliable and that applies to the cloud as much as anything else. You can read more about it here.  Being an old-timer, I am… Continue reading Just when you think it is safe..


Published on: Author: Mike Hall Leave a comment

This is a collection of KB’s which has seemingly cobbled Windows computers for some.. More info here and how to remove the affected KBs.. Please note two points.. Not everybody is affected, so don’t panic if you have seen no evidence of the ‘known issues’ in the link.. Reports in the IT press have… Continue reading MS14-045..