Mike’s Mine detection

Welcome to Mike’s ‘Mine detection’ page..

The Internet is choc full of mines, the electronic equivalent of land and sea mines. The major difference is that Internet mines detonate with a ‘silent’ boom, but boom they still do.

Java – It so wants you to install the Ask.com toolbar. If you don’t want it, and you really don’t, when the request appears, uncheck the boxes bottom to top and then continue with the Java installation.

Why should you do this? Well, these search engines are all very well, but they contain their own routes which may or may not be where you want to go today. Google and Bing are not quite so restrictive, and you are more likely to get to a destination which has less general advertising attached. Note that I said ‘more likely’ which does NOT mean ‘advert free’.. :-)

ADWcleaner  – This is a good solid malware remover, but some websites which carry it are full of mines. I use the Bleepingcomputer website because it has way less mines than most.. see here.. http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/download/adwcleaner/

If you click on the link provided, and use the BLUE button to access ADWcleaner, that is what you will get, and it will NOT be accompanied by versions of malware which ADW is designed to remove..

Remember, you want the BLUE download button.. :-)

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