Acer Gridvista Enables Aero Snap Features [Vista and XP]

If you are still using Windows XP or still haven’t moved up from the Windows-we-all-love-to-hate: Vista , and you are just a little, a tad, envious of the Aero Snap Function in Windows 7 … Or… If you have Windows 7 and would like to enhance the way Aero Snap works , then This is […]

Email Subscribers, Can’t See Images? Show Images in Trusted Emails [How To]

Since yesterday, I’ve heard from 20+ subscribers who have problems seeing images in their newsletters from Windows Guides. Usually, people  email me and I explain one on one how to display the images; however, with the survey I ran yesterday, many people let me know that the form isn’t showing (see important note below) and […]

Firefox Addons: Collection 1

For several years now, I have been using Firefox.  It is, in my opinion, the best browser available – far superior to IE or Google Chrome.  This can be disputed, and often has, and I will be looking into all of these distinctions in my upcoming series of articles on the subject of browsers.  One […]

Microsoft Warns of Fake “Security Essentials 2010″ Anti-virus Software

Microsoft is warning users about a fake anti virus product named “Security Essentials 2010″, near identical to the naming of the company’s own protection software. The fake software is actually the trojan Win32/Fakeinit. If a user installs the software then Fakeinit’s downloader installs a fake scanner component that monitors other processes and attempts to terminate them. […]

Windows Media Center Registry Hacks

Windows Media Center works pretty well out of the box; however I found the need to make a few tweaks to the software and, in this guide, I include these tweaks you can use. This guide is from the Windows Media Center Customization Series. Learn more about Media Center and find more customizations here. Note: This guide […]

How Fast Does Load on Your Connection?

I recently upgraded the server (and other sites) runs on; however, I’m already hitting server limits and considering a rather expensive upgrade. Before I take the plunge, I’d like to know how things are running for you. Please take a moment to answer two questions below. This request for feedback is far from quantified […]

Advanced Defrag that Really Works

Windows 7 – The Pocket Guide | Get FREE books (Password: mintywhiteBooks)Windows Guides’ Rating User Rating Compatible with4+ out of 5PROS: The program is very easy to use right out of the box. It works quickly and silently in the background without taking up too much of you CPU. CONS: The final reports after analyzing and de-fragmenting […]

WebGuide: Remotely View Live and Recorded TV Programs

Windows 7 – The Pocket Guide | Get FREE books (Password: mintywhiteBooks)Windows Guides’ Rating User Rating Compatible with4.0 out of 5PROS: Simple interface and easy to set up even for a novice user (if you’re willing to do some reading and experimentation.) Steams your TV to you wherever you are in the world–even to a mobile device. […]

Only Want Specific Topics from Windows Guides in Your Email/Reader?

Windows 7 – The Pocket Guide | Get FREE books (Password: mintywhiteBooks) If you’re a subscriber to Windows Guides, you may get a lot of posts that you don’t care for. i.e. If you use Windows 7, you may not want Windows XP and Vista guides. Use the links below to subscribe to specific categories:Category Email RSSAll Guides […]

Outlook 2010, Part 3: Contacts

Windows 7 – The Pocket Guide | Get FREE books (Password: mintywhiteBooks) What’s new in the way Outlook handles Contacts ? Not much actually, even thou there are some nice improvements. You’ve always been able to add senders to your list of contacts by Right-Clicking them from the Email Header. And its still possible. What’s […]