Start Menu 7 Pro Giveaway Worth $20 [Competition] is giving away 3 licences of Start Menu Pro 7.Entry to the competition is now open. To enter, simply register and head over to this thread and post a reply showing; A)  A screenshot of your Windows Desktop, B)  A description of your customisations. That’s it!! You will then be entered into a public vote held here on Windows […]

Trillian Astra – Multi-IM Client

Trillian Astra, a full featured, multi-IM client developed by Cerulean Studios. Most of its features are simple ones, such as offline messaging, group chats, file transfer with proxying (for those with restrictive firewalls), etc.The Cerulean Studios community is what makes this piece of software special. Always someone there to help you with a problem, always […]

Start Menu 7 Overhauls your Windows Start Menu

Windows Guides’ Rating User Rating Compatible with3.5 out of 5PROS: A simple to use Start Menu alternative. A small choice of Skins. Low resource usage. Better function & flexibility of Power Options such as a timer. Text magnifier. The ability to move the Start Menu to any location on screen and resize to […]

Activate Your Copy of Windows Vista or 7 [How To]

When you install Windows, you are prompted for your product key. This key determines which version of Windows Vista or 7 should be installed on your PC. Later in the installation process, you are asked whether you would like to activate Windows or not. If you choose not to activate Windows, you have 30 days […]

Windows Live Wave 4 Beta Screenshots & Brief Overview

Windows Live Wave 4 is hitting the streets soon and it looks to be a significant improvement over the previous version. The new(ish) “ribbon interface” makes life much easier, heightens productivity and gives the UI a general, cleaner and logical feel while not being too intrusive or overbearing (OneNote is a culprit of this).  And the Windows Phone 7 Series […]

Change Windows Logon Background WITHOUT 3rd party software [How To]

If you want to change your Windows 7 Logon Background you would normally be advised to download an 3rd party application to do the job for you. With this Registry Tweak you don’t have to. Remember, since this does involve editing the Registry you should take a backup before you start, but you already know that […]

When Did You Last Install Windows?

How often do you like to install your Windows Operating System. I like to reinstall twice a year (more so when I break it!).  To me, it keeps the system running nice and weeds out any imperfections. Many people have never reinstalled and will undoubtedly run like molasses.  Others like to reinstall every few weeks. What’s your preference? Download this vbs […]

Build Photo Collages Quickly and Easily with Collage Maker

Time to send some photos of the kids to the grandparents ? In desperate need of creating Greetings or Congratulations Cards ? Do you love Scrapbooking ? …Or just updating the family album ?Collage maker, let you do exactly that, the easy way !Windows Guides’ Rating User Rating Compatible with3++ out of 5PROGRAM: Collage Maker PROS: Easy to use. […]

PhotoMagician, Convert Images at the drop of a Hat [Freeware]

If you constantly need to convert and/or resize pictures to use them in your blog, or twitter, Facebook etc. This is the ultimate tool. Photo magician allows you to set your preferences and it will convert your single photos or folders by Drag’n’Drop. Drop your pictures or a folder containing pictures into the hat, and pull […]

Windows 7 Backgrounds & Desktop Wallpaper — All You Need to Know

On Windows Guides, we feature lots of desktop wallpaper packs, which you can browse to find the perfect wallpaper for your website. In this guide, I’ll cover everything you need to know about wallpaper. Specifically:What is screen/display resolution? How to find and change your desktop resolution. How to view fonts at high resolution. Where to get wallpaper. How to manipulate […]