AdSevenShutdownControl – Control Your Shutdown & Much More!

Windows Forums member Batupata has created an advanced version of his SevenShutdownControl tool that can be used to control when your computer shuts down, restarts, hibernates etc. This is a great tool if you want your video to finish conversion and download to complete but have to leave your PC. Or if you want to […]

Would you pay $29.99 USD/month to join a premium, members-only version of Windows Guides?

Assuming that the free version of Windows Guides will always be here. If there were a premium version of the site with the following benefits, would you pay $29.99 USD/month to join a premium, members-only version of Windows Guides? Premium Site Benefits:Random Windows 7 Ultimate giveaways. Random laptop giveaways. Random desktop giveaways. Premium software giveaways. Exclusive members-only content including little-known […]

WIN your copy of Foxit Phantom PDF [$129 Worth]

“Foxit Phantom PDF Suite is a business ready PDF toolkit, with everything you need to create professional PDF documents and streamline business processes: fast, easy to use, and at a price that fits your budget.” You’ve read about Foxit Phantom PDF, right here on Mintywhite (Read Here). Now we bring you the chance to  win one […]

Microsoft Live Labs – The browser “Pivot”

Windows Guides’ Rating Compatible with3 out of 5PROS:It has a unique concept. Faster than some browsers. Allows the use of ActiveX natively. It is responsive.CONS:Will not work on most Intel Video cards. Still has some speed issues.VERDICT: Great to play with. Not so great for normal use. PRICE: Free VERSION REVIEWED: 1.0.600.1 DOWNLOAD: FREE books (Password: mintywhiteBooks) © Windows Guides, 2010. Rich Robinson […]

Foxit Phantom PDF – An Affordable Business Solution

Windows Guides’ Rating User Rating Compatible with3,5 out of 5PROGRAM: Foxit Phantom PDF PROS: Very easy to use. Lightweight and reliable. With Co-Worker collaboration system, Show PDF as Text-file, Easy to use Zoom functions. a Very Nice Screen-dump feature. CONS: There is no Context Menu. No Document Compression. Almost hidden MS Office AddIn. Some transparency masks […]

7 Easy Tests To Check Your Internet Connection

Having your internet working is not something complicated but we know from experience that sometimes, for reasons we cannot control, our internet speed is slow. It is very useful before going crazy to have a list you can check to know what exactly is happening. As you will understand from every post I write, I don’t like formatting computers […]

Use Remote Assistance to Get Help, with Your PC, from a Friend

If you’re having PC troubles and you have a friend that’s good with computers. You may want to call upon them to help you with your issue. In this guide, I’ll show you how to make a request using Remote Assistance, which is built in to Windows XP, Vista, and 7. Please note: As someone who […]

Microsoft FixIT Center Fixes Problems with Windows

I know, there are tons of sites and applications trying to make a living out of fixing your Windows Problems. The reason for this is mainly because Microsoft’s Solutions Center has always been so high-tech, and not very user-friendly. Finding solutions to common Windows problems using the Microsoft Website has always been a daunting task. Making […]

Come Up with Ideas, and WIN a license of NoteSync

Developers all over have discovered that is a great place not only to meet potential new users of their software, but also a place to get fresh ideas for their further development. By regularly visiting and testing software that we review here on Mintywhite, YOU get to influence how many of these programs should […]

Slow boot problems, How To Deal With It?

Finding bottleneck is a very complicated task, but it is more complicated if we talk about what happens at boot times. Have a slow boot computer?  Continue reading and you will find how to solve it Don’t forget to leave a comment including what process is consuming your CPU.The post is written using Windows 7 but this work for Windows XP or […]