ShellNewHandler, Clean Up Your Context Menu [Freeware]

It’s no question about it. As more and more programs take advantage of adding their own features to the context-menu (Right Click Menu), the less useful it gets. Some developers that add their features to your context menu are smart enough to only activate it on certain file types, or when certain services are running. […]

Change the Start-Up Sound in Windows 7 [How To]

One of the things Microsoft forgot to properly think about when making Windows 7, was the start-up sound.  With every new version of Windows should come a new start-up sound, however they chose to keep it the same as Vista. If you’d like to change the start-up sound (the sound played when you get to […]

Top 5 Free Anti-malware Programs [2010 Edition]

We’ve reviewed a number of Anti-malware programs on Windows Guides over the years but it seems some programs soon become bloated, include stolen definitions from other products, or just get outshined by new (or improved) competition. In this guide, I share the top five free anti-malware programs for 2010.Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE) We love Microsoft Security […]

Windows Media Center – Organize Your Movie Collection with Media Browser

The “bare-bones” WMC movie component is pretty good, but a bit stark. Fortunately the clever developers out in the world have come up with software packages to add functionality, flexibility, and better looks.

Diagnose and Understand Windows Blue Screens (BSOD) [Guide]

If you get a Blue Screen of Death (BSoD), your first inclincation may be to turn of your computer, turn it back on again and hope if never comes back. Sometimes, this is a good option because the blue screen may have been a freak accident and, because the stars aligned that one time, may […]

Stress-less Storage Salvation [Online Backup Solutions]

In other mintywhite tutorials we’ve seen how to make your USB into a functional power house, installing Ubuntu, encryption, portable applications and backups .  There can be some files which change all the time which are essential, such as password storage (Keypass) that has latest details that you need to access from the office, a […]

Automatically Download the Latest Security Software with SSDownloader

If you are the one who always helps your friend to reformat/reinstall Microsoft Windows on their PC or laptop, most likely you will have their Windows equipped with at least a free anti-virus software (so they will not bug you anymore to do the reinstallation due to incurable viruses), and a […]

Virtual Memory (Paging File) Explained

I was reading a newsletter the other day that was using he words Swap File, Paging File and Virtual Memory, interchangeably. Now this confused me and I realized that this might be a great topic for an article. I’ve been around computers since the age of 7, and I still find those things rather confusing. I’ve […]

6 Signs Of Malware Infections

Virus, spyware and other types of malware are here to stay. Our main is that we’re becoming a little paranoid. One of the reasons that drives to this situation is that many people–even skilled ones–are not aware of the symptoms of having a malware infection. This post is just a basic list, I am preparing a […]