Free eBook: Programming Windows Phone 7

This book is a gift from the Windows Phone 7 team at Microsoft to the programming community, and I am proud to have been a part of it. Within the pages that follow, I show you the basics of writing applications for Windows Phone 7 using the C# programming language with the Silverlight and XNA […]

Organize Your Audiobook Collection with iTunes [How To]

Yesterday we showed you how to create audio files from your documents. If you now have a large collection of somewhat robot sounds audio books or if you’ve encoded some of your audio book CDs, you may want to organize them a little better. In this guide, I’ll show you how to organize your audio […]

Microsoft Security Essentials Now Available on Windows Update

I must admit that I am a big fan of Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE). Since Microsoft has the most popular consumer operating system in the world, why don’t they take up the responsibility in releasing a security program for their users for free? Of course, I am aware that Microsoft has previously released a few […]

Panopreter Basic Converts Text to MP3/WAV Audio Files [Audiobooks]

Windows Guides’ Rating User Rating Compatible with 4.5 out of 5 PROS: Creates MP3 and WAV files of your documents in very little time. Uses Windows’ built in speech tools so installation is minimal. CONS: Adds a “Created by Panopreter” sound clip at the beginning of each audio file. VERDICT: If you have some document […]

Send to OneNote from Google Chrome [Quick-Tip]

I love Google Chrome but find it misses a few features i use a lot in IE.  In particular ‘Send to OneNote’. If you use OneNote 2010 to take snippets from the web using this functionality you’ll know it’s a real time-saver and very handy.  Respectively, if you’ve moved to Chrome you’ll indeed miss this […]

Prism: Run Any Site as Standalone Applications [Freeware]

Thanks to advances in web technology, you can these days get tons of free Web Applications to suit your every need. These applications are increasingly powerful and usable. As a result, applications like Gmail, Facebook and Google Docs are soaring in popularity. Unfortunately the web browser, which was originally designed for reading documents, is not […]

Nature Themed Desktop Wallpaper Collection [Set 1]

In an effort to help you find the kinds of wallpapers you like, I’ve put together 19 collections of wallpapers that cover 15 different genres. This week’s genre is nature themed wallpapers with a second set coming next week. If you know of any other wallpapers that fit in this genre, please let me know. […]

Windows 7 Service Pack-1 Release Candidate….Released!

Microsoft have responded to a recent Windows 7 Service Pack 1 Release Candidate (or SP1 RC) leak by actually releasing it. SP1 for Microsoft’s most popular Operating System brings plenty of bug fixes and enhancements. Notable additions are Remote FX and incremental security updates and hot fixes. Windows 7 SP1 RC can be downloaded via […]

WinXDVD ripper 6.0 – Halloween Giveaway

First off, to those of you awaiting the result of the WinX HD Ripper Competition. Due to a total Computer Melt Down on my main system (where the licenses are stored) I have not been able to contact any of the selected winners with their license. Be patient a little while longer and it will […]