Enable the Hidden Administrator Account in Windows XP [How To]

I have written a guide for next week that explains running tasks as an administrator in Windows XP. Just like modern cars (some, not all) don’t fully turn off the traction control even when you press the switch, modern versions (including XP) don’t give you full administrative permissions (even with an Administrator account.) Thus, you’ll need to […]

What Tutorials Would You Like to See on Windows Guides?

In order for us to deliver interesting articles it is sometimes necessary to ask about your likes and dislikes. Looking at the latest Photoshop tutorial by Rich, I was wondering if this is something you would love to read more about ? So fill out the questionnaire below and let us know. If the response […]

Get a System Health Report & Diagnose Problems in Windows 7 [How To]

The System Health Report is a great feature of Windows 7 that will help you find potential problems with your PC and point you in the right direction to a resolution. This report records details about your computer’s performance, resource usage, and more and includes diagnostic information about things that aren’t working with resolution suggestions. […]

Do You Use a Custom Start Button/Orb? [Poll Results]

Last week we asked you if you use a custom start orb. Thank you to all who participated; here’s what you said: 32% do use a custom start orb, 56% don’t, and 12% are not sure what a custom start orb is. For the 12% who are not sure, the “Start Orb” is the Start […]

Use Resource Monitor to Check Key Subsystems on Your PC [How To]

In earlier versions of Windows, you’d need a third-party solution to help you monitor key subsystems (CPU, RAM etc.) of your computer. With Vista, came the Resource Monitor (Resmon) and with Windows 7 came improvements to the Resource Monitor. In this guide, we talk more about Windows 7′s Resource Monitor. Previously, Angel Luis showed you how […]

Stream your Media via Internet using MediaPlayer[How To]

Being a multi-computer household, we have chosen one computer to be the dedicated multi-media computer. This is where we store all our music, videos, images etc. On occasion you want to access some of this media, sitting at another computer.  If you are at home, using  Homegroup in Windows 7 is the ultimate solution (see […]

Your Tips and Tricks Featured [Set 1]

A month ago we let you know we were opening up the forums for your tips and tricks.  We’ve had a slow start but that doesn’t mean there’s a  shortage of quality tips and tricks. As promised, here’s two of the best so far.  Of course, a big thanks to all who have contributed. Speed […]

Create the Windows Aero Effect in Photoshop [How To]

This is a guest article written by Bituser from bituser.com. Find out more about Bituser at the conclusion of this guide. This is a simple guide that will show you how to create that awesome looking Windows Aero effect in Photoshop. If you are using another image editing program, then you may need to change […]

Enable Disk Quotas [Quick Tip]

If you have a shared computer in your household or office you may experience that the free space on the hard drive gets smaller and smaller. Especially if you have a Tweens (Teens using the computer filling it up with music, pictures, downloads etc.) using it. There is a way to make sure every user […]

Best Technology Blog Posts of the Week (November 27th 2010)

Because the internet is more than just Windows Guides, we have prepared a selection of the best technology posts of this week. Are you one of those people who do not trust using simple password to enter on your PC ?  Read this article by Matt Smith on Make Use Of. Two Unique Ways To […]