Log on to Any Windows 8 PC and Use Your Personal Settings

Although many features included in early OS builds never make the final cut, this is one I hope will stay. Picture this: you log on to your PC at home and get it just the way you want. Now, when you go to a different PC, you can use these same settings just by logging […]

Videos of Windows 8 Build 7955 Gives an Idea of How it Will Work as a Touch Screen Friendly OS

Three videos of Windows 8′s most prominent new features in recent builds is available online. This video shows a user working with the touch screen interface of the latest build of Windows 8. Will your next PC be a tablet? Video 1 | Video 2 | Video 3 Get FREE books (Password: mintywhiteBooks) © Windows […]

Fix Compressed Bootmanager Startup Problem [How To]

In Windows there is a function that most users (experienced and “n00bs”) should use with the out most care: Compressing disk space to save space. The idea is to let windows compress files much like ZIP or RAR to give you more storage. While it may seem like a good idea, doing so on your […]

Type Like a True Hollywood Hacker with Hacker Typer

Want to write code at phenomenal speed but can’t code and can’t type fast? Hacker Typer is a sure-fire tool with which to impress your friends. Hacker Typer is an online tool that lets you customize your hacking environment and then, as you press random keys, types out code—making you look like an underground genius: […]

Windows 8 Build 7955 System Settings Screenshots

Screenshots of the “metro” styled system settings in Windows 8 build 7955 are on windows 8 beta. To get the new system settings, you’ll need to use the RedPill patch. After patching, press CTRL+SHIFT+F9 to disable Aero. Now, when you open the system settings (type systemsettings in the Start Menu search box.) Under the Wireless settings […]

Windows 8 Build List with Branch, Milestone, Build String, and Notable Changes

A spreadsheet is available online, which R27, Canouna, Zukona, and Razziatore (see the Credits tab) are maintaining to keep us updated with the current builds of Windows 8. The spreadsheet is accurate so I can only assume the information is coming from a chain that leads all the way back to Redmond. It would be […]

Desktop Wallpaper: 50 High-resolution Wallpapers for Windows, Linux, Mac [Set 29]

We love desktop wallpaper on Windows Guides. Here’s a collection of 50 hand-picked high-resolution wallpapers from various sources online. Know a good place for wallpaper or have some to share? Let us know about it in the comments. Get FREE books (Password: mintywhiteBooks) © Windows Guides, 2010. Rich Robinson | Desktop Wallpaper: 50 High-resolution Wallpapers for […]

How to Use IRC? Tips and Basic Chat Commands [Part 2 of 2]

Yesterday, we explained IRC and how to get set up. Today, we’ll cover tips and basic commands for using IRC. In this guide, we’ll cover: How to join IRC networks How to join a IRC network channels IRC tips IRC basic commands How to Join IRC Networks An IRC Network hosts channels (more about that […]

RedPill Unlocks Hidden Features in Windows 8 (Build 7955)

Windows 8 build 7955 is out in the wild (we, at Windows Guides, don’t recommend you download it) and windows 8 beta has released three replacement system files to unlock the following features: Metro Login New Task Manager Immersive Browser Pattern Login Caution: Users with RedPill indicate the following features no longer work: Windows Media […]

Skin Windows 7 to Look Like Windows 8 (Pre-release Build) [How To]

Windows Forums member, Uvais, shares a skin pack made by DeviantArt user ~hameddanger. The package is designed to work with Windows 7 SP1 (download Service Pack 1–SP1–for Windows 7) and will work with both the 32 bit and 64 bit version. Note: Before installing this skin pack, create a system restore point. Here’s what it looks […]