Download the Sysinternals Suite for a Collection of Windows Troubleshooting Tools

There are a ton of Sysinternals tools for troubleshooting and non-troubleshooting. If you want a collection of troubleshooting tools (very helpful if you’re working outside your PC network at a friends house, a business you’re helping/working for etc.), then you can download the Windows Systinternals Suite. This suite is regularly updated and currently sits at […]

Sysinternals Live Executes Sysinternals Tools Directly from the Web

In the previous guide, you learned about the Sysinternals tools. In this guide, you’ll learn how to launch Sysinternals tools from the web. This can save valuable time and give you the tools you need when you need them i.e. you’re at a friends house and they’re asking for help with their PC. Launching Sysinternals […]

Use Windows Sysinternals Tools to Tune and Administer to Your PC

We like using Sysinternals tools here at Windows Guides; these tools bring core Windows functions together and help you administer to your systems more easily. In this guide, we’ll cover the basics: What are the Sysinternals tools? How to download and run these tools on your PC Where can I learn more about these tools? […]

Use PowerShell as a Simple but Useful Calculator [How To]

Ever use the Windows Calculator and, because you’re too lazy to write numbers down or commit them to the calculators “memory”, end up with 5 instances of the program running—each with their own numbers that are easily forgotten? Or is that only me? If you’d like a simple but powerful calculator to perform simple sums, […]

Install Windows PowerShell 2.0 [Vista] 1.0 [XP] [How To]

If you’re using Windows Vista or XP, you’ll need to install Windows PowerShell. PowerShell 2.0 works with Vista and Server 2003/8; if you’re on XP, you’ll miss PowerShell 2.0 features and be stuck with version 1.0. Note: Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 come bundled with PowerShell so you don’t need to do anything. […]

Get Auslogics BoostSpeed 5 Special Edition for Free [How To]

  A couple of weeks ago, we ran a competition for a copy of Auslogics BoostSpeed 5 Pro. After the competition, all entrants were given a license for BoostSpeed (SE.) The good news is, now, all Windows Guides readers may access BoostSpeed 5 SE for free. Just click the link below and download your free […]

Get Modiac Blu-Ray Ripper for free, this week only

Windows Guides’ Rating User Rating Compatible with System 5 out of 5 Another giveaway offer from Modiac. It seems their last giveaway on our site was so successful, that Modiac has set up a new giveaway offer. From today and through November 1. 2011 Modiac Blu-ray ripper is regarded as the best conversion tool in […]

Excel 2010: Sparklines

Excel 2010, did not come with too may new features. It’s hard to come up with  ideas on how to improve something that is already a great product, I’m sure. But there was one new thing I’ve found quite useful: Sparklines. Sparklines – What’s that ?   I thought you’d say that. Well, let’s for […]

Excel: Set only one sheet as standard in new documents [Quick Tip]

Every time you create a new workbook in Excel, you get a document containing three blank sheets. Do you ever use more than one ? Or, do you always use more than three ? In this Quick-Tip I’ll show you how to set Excel to create new workbooks containing the number of sheets you require, […]

Run Android Apps on your Windows 7 PC

There are many great apps out there for your android phone. Many of which can be quite addictive, and some actually quite useful. have you ever wished that you could transfer those apps to your computer ? Well, now you may. Virtually… A company named BlueStacks has created a program that emulates the Android OS […]