Start Windows in Safe Mode [How To] [Quick Tip]

Safe mode is a mode within Windows used for troubleshooting problems. In Safe Mode, Windows operates with limited functionality—only basic files and drivers are loaded to start Windows. Once in Safe Mode, you can more easily remove viruses, remove stubborn files, replace or modify Windows files etc. There are a number of Windows Guides that […]

Disable or Modify Keyboard Key Functions in Windows

In this guest post, MSP shows us how to remap Windows keys without manually modifying the registry. Find out more about MSP at the end of this post.  You may want to disable some keys on the keyboard; for example, if you are a gamer, you might have wanted to disable the Windows key because accidentally […]

Windows 8 Tablet and its Many Implications for Microsoft

The Windows 8 tablet will be considered, to some, an inevitable breaking point for Windows. This tool could either sustain Windows’ success or, by contrast, push the company down considerably in the ranks. At its core, Windows 8 is simply an operating system, one that works with touch as well as a mouse and keyboard, with access to […]