Windows Fonts Megapack [Free Download]

Update 1/31/2012: As MegaUpload was taken down, I moved the font zip to mintywhite servers (and got by the 20 MB file limit.) Please only download if you want a ton of fonts. The file is quite large (79.3 MB) but hopefully it’s quite convenient (plus, all the applicable licenses and credit is included for […]

Hide Account Usernames in Windows for Extra Security [How To]

If you use online banking, you may have noticed when you get your password wrong that the error in response is pretty generic i.e. “Wrong user name or password.” These error messages are pretty unhelpful; however, this is by design. If someone tries to compromise your account, do you really want them knowing they got […]

What is the World Wide Web (WWW) and How Does it Differ from the Internet?

Here’s a question I got asked via email and I thought I’d share the answer for all to see: Are the WWW and Internet the same thing? If you’ve ever questioned the difference between the Internet and the World Wide Web, this guide will explain. A few key terms in context of this guide: Computer: An […]

Update Your Email Address for Email Newsletter Subscriptions [How To]

About three to five times a week, I get an email from site readers asking me to update their email address. I’m always happy to update their address for them but I never get round to showing how they can do it themselves. If you’re subscribed to one or more email newsletters and you change […]

Top Free Anti-malware Programs [2012 Edition]

Producing top-quality anti-virus software is no easy task; keeping your customers happy and your software up to date with the latest definitions is even more difficult. It’s not hard to understand why good companies like Norton, Symantec, McAfee etc. charge for their software. It’s excellent software and, if you’ve already paid for it, enjoy it. Just […]

Mouse without Borders: Multiple PCs; One Keyboard and Mouse

Windows Guides’ Rating User Rating Compatible with System 5 out of 5 PROS: A simple application that lets you control multiple PCs with one keyboard and mouse. The concept isn’t new but the execution is clean and simple and simple file drag and drop as well as seamless copy/paste make this a great tool. CONS: […]

Maintain Your Hard Drive and File System with Windows Check Disk [How To]

If there’s a piece of equipment that works hard in your PC, it’s your hard disk drive (HDD.) HDDs operate at anywhere between 4200 and 15000 RPM (perhaps higher) while in use. In other words, these things spin anywhere between 70 and 250 times a second—sometimes for days on end! While the information in this guide […]

Add Windows Guides to Your Google+ Cirlces for our Top Guides and more

Windows Guides has a Google+ page. There you can find out about only our best posts, competitions, and more: Windows Guides on Google+ | Rich on Google+ If you don’t use Google+ or have left it behind, you can follow us on Facebook and Twitter: Like Windows Guides on Facebook | Add mintywhite on Facebook Windows Guides on […]

What is the Windows Store? How Will it Work for me as a Customer?

We’re no strangers to App Stores. Headed by Apple, companies have begun adding their own stores to their platforms and Microsoft is following suit. As always, we at Windows Guides take a topic (not well known, difficult to understand/get facts, commonly explained wrongly, or a combination of all three) and do our best to explain […]

Excel 2007/2010: Creating Charts [How To]

One of the improvements in Excel 2007 is the rebuilt Chart Tool.  ”It used to be so easy” to create charts in Excel, just highlight an area of cells and click Create Chart, and voilá. Well it still is – it only looks a bit different.  In this mini-tutorial I’m using an example from work, […]