Avoid Getting Locked out of Windows when You Forget Your Password [How To]

Recently, we encouraged you to set (or change) a password for your Windows account. If you lose your password, you face the reality of losing access to your files and settings. In this guide, we show you how to create a password reset disk for your PC so, in a bind, you have an easy backdoor […]

Fix On-Screen Keyboard Displays After Every Log on [Quick Tip]

If the On-screen Keyboard pops up every time you log in to Windows and you want to disable this behavior, this guide is for you. I’ve had this question emailed to me a couple of times before; it wasn’t until it started to happen to me, that I thought it might be useful to put […]

Windows 7: Set default printers based on location

  Are you tired of manually changing your default printer on your laptop, depending on which network you’re on ? Did you know that Windows 7 can set default printers based on your location (i.e., the network to which you’re connected) ? No? Well you do now, and here’s how: Click the Start button and […]

Set or Change Your Windows Account Password [Quick Tip]

While it may be relatively easy to crack a Windows account password, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use one. If your PC is mobile, you have even more reason to use this basic level of protection. This guide will show you how to set a Windows password or change your current password. Set a Windows […]